Everything sounds awesome, right? You might be wondering, how the fakt do I choose my digital self if the process is completely random? We'll be launching an internal marketplace for all these drops in order to provide holders a place to select the clothing they want and get extra rewards while doing it.

Introducing the tradable assets:

1. Fakts - ERC721 token. Users will have the opportunity to buy/sell NFTs either undressed (how you will mint them) or dressed (with some added attributes on it).

2. Accesories - ERC1155 token. Users will be able to buy/sell the traits they get from loot boxes (and in many other ways).

3. Loot Boxes

Users will have lower fees in comparison to secondary markets. Additionally, we provide an exclusive reward program for Fakts holders that is based on the quantity of Fakts you own.

The idea behind our marketplace is not competing with big secondary markets. It’s just an extra comfort for our holders.

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